AdmissionsRegulations Regarding Discipline

Regular and punctual attendance is insisted upon. No students can leave the school without the permission of the Principal.

Students must have 75% attendance to appear in the Board Exam. Students should not absent themselves from school without previous permission asked by the parent or guardian in writing. Should absence on account of ill health or any other good reason be necessary, a leave application should be sent to the Principal without which the student will not be admitted to class.

Students should be present on the first day of each school term.

Pupils are responsible to the school authorities for their conduct in and out of school. Conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school is reason for the dismissal of a student.

Magazines and papers other than those found in the school library should not be circulated in the school without the permission of the Principal.

When pupils go from one class to another they must move in silence. They are never to leave the class without the permission of the teacher, nor the school premises without the permission from the Principal.

All correspondence addressed to pupils is subject to the scrutiny of the Principal.

Physical Education is compulsory. Exemption will be allowed only on production of a Medical Certificate.

During all activities and outings the school takes all necessary care and precautions, yet inspite of that if an accident or mishap occurs the school will no way be held responsible or liable.

On the school days and at the school functions the students are expected to wear prescribed uniform.

No ornaments should be worn, no styles permitted. The student must dress in a simple and proper way.