Every child for admission must be introduced in person to the Principal by the one responsible to her for the child.
The admission form will have to be filled in and all the preliminary fees paid on the day of admission. A copy of the Baptismal or Birth Certificate will be produced in the admission form. No change in the name and date birth is permitted later.
In the case of a child who has attended another school, a Transfer Certificate from that school will have to be produced.
Candidates for admissions from Class I to X all classes must pass an Entrance Examination.

Examination and Promotion

All must answer the Examinations. There will be neither anticipation nor postponement of any of the tests or examination nor will re-examination held.
Promotion will be granted on the basis of Terminal Examination marks as well as the general work of the whole year. The decision of the Principal is final.
The students must be present on School Result day.
Examination Pattern – C C E (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) Pattern

Course of Studies

The school prepares the students for the All India Secondary School Examination (Class IX – X).

Extra Curricular Activities

Fatima Convent School provides various art, cultural and sports activities for overall development of the students.

Art, Music & cultural Activities

The children are involved in a wide range of activities. According to the scheme of studies of Central Board of Secondary Education, the Art Education in our school covers the following areas:

Visual Art: Drawing & Painting, bulletin Board Competitions, Origami
Performing Art: Vocal Music, Dance, Skit competitions, debating.

Physical Education

The School aims at all round development of the students, personality. The students take part in games like Basketball, Badminton, Skating etc. Our School also has School