AcademicsExamination and Promotion

Parents are requested to clear all dues Monthly Fees, Library & Laboratory dues etc before the Terminal Examination. In clearance of all dues an admit Card will be issued, which the students should bring daily to school & during the days of Examination.

All must answer the Examinations. There will be neither anticipation nor postponement of any of the tests or examination nor will re-examination held.

Any cheating or breach of any of the regulations for the conduct of the examination is punishable even with cancelling of paper or no marks will be allotted to that particular paper.

Promotion will be granted on the basis of Terminal Examination marks s well as the general work of the whole year. The decision of the Principal final.

The result will be with-held if any fees are due to the school.

The students must be present on School Result Day. On clearance of all dues the Report Card will be handed over to students.